Latest Products Latest Products Sat, 27 Nov 2021 03:29:53 +0530 en-us Apple Jam Mon, 08 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Fruit Jam Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Apple Cider Vinegar Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Charles Spurgeon, a famous Christian Preacher, once mentioned, "Do not be all sugar or the world will suck you down but do not be all vinegar or the world will spit you out." The quote might portray vinegar in a bad light, but just like yin yang or sugar and salt, food without vinegar would be bland. Vinegar is an essential component of various cuisines such as Chinese. Such dishes would lose their vigour, tang, and taste without this crucial component called vinegar. Though vinegar of higher quality would spoil the like, just the right dash of vinegar in the food can enhance the taste and spirit manifolds.Vinegar: Specific Uses Vinegar is an aqueous solution of acetic acid. Usually, vinegar is produced by fermenting ethanol or sugars. Vinegar is available in various types to include kinds of vinegar enhanced with specific flavourings.  This acetic acid solution is used to add flavour by providing an acidic tone to the flavour, aroma, and taste of the food. Further, vinegar is also used as preservatives in various sauces and pickles. Vinegar at times is also used for marinating food items.Types and Varieties of Vinegar along with their UsesVinegar is quite popular in a variety of delicacies savoured across the globe. However, just like food and the complements used to prepare such delicacies, even the type and variety of vinegar finds a resemblance with its location. Thus, coconut vinegar is popular in some places, while apple cider vinegar has a special place in others. Further, each of these kinds of vinegar has distinct properties and usage. Types of Vinegar White Vinegar: This is the commonly found white/colourless sour-tasting liquid found in almost all Indian kitchens. This particular vinegar is prepared by fermenting grains. This grain-based ethanol is mixed with water such that the vinegar is just right for cooking; this specific vinegar is primarily used to add the pungent taste and smell to cooking. This vinegar also comes in handy in cleaning our house because of the mild acidic properties. Rice Vinegar: This vinegar is pale yellow as against the white or colourless liquid discussed above. This vinegar is comparatively sweeter than white vinegar in taste. Rice vinegar is made out of rice wine. Its primary use is in dips, dressings, and marinating, especially marinating meat. Balsamic Vinegar: Black and the sweetest of all, Balsamic Vinegar is the easiest to identify. This particular vinegar is made directly from grapes. It is a "no alcohol" vinegar variety. This vinegar is usually used in salad dressing or sauces and dips accompanying fried foods. Apple Cider Vinegar: This vinegar is considered to be the healthiest of all. Made directly from apple cider, this fruity smelling vinegar adds a dash of sourness to the dishes and does magic, especially for your skin and hair. Coconut Vinegar: A real example of regional adaptation, this vinegar is nothing but fermented sap of coconut palm. This vinegar is used to add authenticity, especially to South Indian and other Asian delicacies such as the Thai Curry. Wine Vinegar: While Balsamic Vinegar is a "non-alcoholic" vinegar, the wine vinegar, as the name suggests, is originating out of wines. This type of vinegar is used in European and Mexican delicacies, such as stir fry vegetables or salsa. These wine vinegar are of various kinds, such as: Red Wine Vinegar – This is comparatively more acidic and aromatic than the white wine vinegar White Wine Vinegar – This is comparatively less acidic and spicy. These are a few varieties of vinegar available commonly in the market. The choice of vinegar certainly depends on the kind of delicacy being prepared. However, it is essential to understand the amount of vinegar that would lend just the delicacy's right taste and flavour.Benefits of VinegarWhile many people often criticize the use of vinegar because of its acidic properties, this liquid certainly has some magical properties. Vinegar has been found to work wonders in improving the post-meal insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients, including Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients. Further, vinegar's acidic property also renders an extraordinary antimicrobial activity and is used to treat ear infections such as otitis externa and otitis media. Vinegar is also used for cleaning vegetables before preparing food. Apple Elaichi Jam Mon, 08 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Cardamom Apple Jam for a Fresh Healthy Start to Your DayKeywords: cardamom apple jamPlato, the famous philosopher, has mentioned that "The beginning is the most important part of the work." Indeed it is the most important part; otherwise, the work would never be started. Similarly, the beginning of the day is very important, or else the day would not be started well, leaving alone it's ending. The day started with a healthy, nutritious day. While there are various healthy nutritious options for breakfast available over the different virtual e-commerce platforms, it is important to choose the best eCommerce partner for your health needs too. Singh Apple Orchards is one such trusted eCommerce partner that will provide you options guaranteed to be healthy, fresh, and best for your health. For example, the Cardamom Apple Jam harvested, prepared, and sold at Singh Apple Orchards.Cardamom Apple Jam: IngredientsA hurried Monday morning or a lazy Sunday brunch, jams and jellies have a special place on the breakfast table. Various online shopping platforms, including Singh Apple Orchards, offer a wide range of jam category options. The customers need to check the nutrition information before selecting the right one. The online shopping platforms such as the Singh Apple Orchard provides customized jam options according to your taste, preferences, nutrition requirement, and even suit your budget.While the world is going ga-ga over healthy treats that are low in calories and high on nutrition, a jam like the Cardamom Apple Jam is sure to take center stage. Jams like the Cardamom Apple Jam is high on nutrition while low on sugar content, therefore making it the optimum companion for your breakfast. You can have it with a toast, between the slices for jam sandwich, as flavorings for cakes and pies, or lick it, be rest assured each dollop of jam not only tantalizes your taste buds but also makes you feel healthy and fresh from within. A question that is sure to arise in your mind is what makes it so healthy and fresh? The answer lies in the careful selection and processing of the ingredients for making this Cardamom Apple Jam.Ingredients of the Cardamom Apple JamThe list of ingredients in making the Cardamom Apple Jam includes : Organically grown and Handpicked Apples at Singh Apple Orchard (the main ingredient which provides the sweetness, freshness, and a perfect balance of tartness to the jam) Cardamom Pods (for rich taste, flavor, and obviously for enhanced nutritional value) Fresh Lemon Juice Desi Khand Cardamom Apple Jam: Health BenefitsThe Cardamom Apple Jam is healthy. Why do we say so? It is because all the ingredients used in making the Cardamom Apple Jam have tremendous health benefits. While apples' health benefits are already known, even the second important ingredient used in making the cardamom apple jam is high on its health quotient. Cardamom Apple Jam: Cardamoms are healthyCardamoms are good for human health. Some health benefits of cardamom are enlisted below. Cardamoms have: Diuretic properties that help in lowering blood pressure Antibacterial properties helping in treating various infections in the body Anti-Inflammatory properties helpful in treating chronic diseases such as inflammations across multiple body parts Compounds that help in treating bad breath and prevent cavities in your teeth Compounds that help in improving the breathing and use of oxygen in the body Compounds that help in lowering levels of blood sugar Compounds that help in protecting liver functions Cardamom Apple Jam is not only healthy. It is equally tasty too. Purchase the Cardamom Apple Jam at Singh Apple Orchards, and you would surely love it. Apple Elaichi Candy Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Adopt Apple Tree Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 For ages, nature has invested in us. Nature has showered its bounties upon humanity so that humankind can sustain and grow. Nature has given us food, water, sunlight, fresh air, and all other bounties free of cost. Nature has never repented in showering such bounties and have never acted miser in providing such bounties since ages. A vital question that lurks or at least should ring a bell in each of our minds is, “Now that mankind has sustained the rough and enjoyed the good sunny weather, shouldn’t mankind think of investing back into nature?” No! This question makes sense because we know the simple rule of investment “what goes around… comes around.” In short, the assets that we make in nature would come back to us overloaded with returns. Adopting an Apple Tree is one such route of investing in nature.Why should you adopt an Apple Tree?Investing back in nature can be in various ways and kinds. Each of our small efforts would count on to make our mother nature-rich and vigorous as before. Over the years, we have merely taken from the bounties of nature without quite filling back such bounties. It has left our mother nature depleted and devastated, giving in devastating results such as global warming and climatic change, which surely have an irreversible effect on how humanity sustains and survives. Therefore, now it is high time to start caring and investing in nature so that the irreversible damage can gradually be reduced.Adopting an Apple Tree at Singh Apple Orchard would be a worthy investment not only for you but also for nature and the economy you are a part of in the following ways: Adopting Apple Tree : You will help nature By helping in contributing constructively towards increasing farm production for a lifetime By contributing to keeping and maintaining the trees in the orchard By providing the best organic fertilizers, manures, and other essential insect controlling chemicals By paying for the pruning of adopted apple trees from time to time By paying for watering of plants as required By paying an incentive for timely plucking of apples and going through the process of maturity By helping the economy by boosting localised production of indigenously produced fruits, especially apples Adopting Apple Tree : Benefits and Needs Adopting a tree is one such investment that helps protect nature and provide a good return to the investor. Some of the reasons why one should think of adopting an apple tree include: Trees, especially Apple Trees, require specific soil and climatic conditions which might not be available everywhere. Investors residing elsewhere get a chance to invest in an apple tree from wherever they stay without investing separately in land specifically needed to grow apple trees. Trees, especially Apple Trees, need a lot of care, and professional orchard managers must provide such care. Thus adopting a tree helps investors invest in nature without thinking about the other aspects of the trees. If taken proper care of, an apple tree is known to yield around 15 to 20 bushels of fruit every year. Thus, adopting an apple tree is a worthy enough investment for the investor too. Adopt an Apple Tree at Singh Apple Orchard and make your investment count. You will have your apple tree, and they are nothing short of your children. While your children may or may not be the way you want them to be, but your adopted apple tree would always be yours and would also give you a good return on investment from time to time.Meta Tag :Adopt an Apple Tree is an innovative initiative by Singh Apple Orchards for the environment-conscious investors where they invest in nature to reap a good return on investment too! Apple Ginger Chutney Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Apple Ginger Chutney: Tantalise your Taste Buds with this Healthy Recipe Keywords: apple ginger chutney, Ingredients, benefitsLife without adventure is like having food without chutney. Yes! Chutney, or a spicy concoction of vegetables/fruits with various spices, is an integral part of most cuisines worldwide. However, the term chutney is used majorly in the Indian context. The term chutney is almost interchangeably used with sauces or dips, e.g., Salsa sauce or tomato chutney. Interestingly, the variety and types of chutney available globally arenearly comparable to the number of cultures, languages, or dialects present on this earth or even more than that. It isn't easy to list and track all the varieties of chutneys, given the immense variety available. However, platforms like Singh Apple Orchards help you source these different varieties of chutneys prepared using the finest ingredients to ensure all the products' health benefits are preserved with due care. Further, the products are packaged after maintaining all the safety standards available. Platforms like Singh Apple Orchards help the consumers like you, and I get exquisite chutneys such as the Apple Ginger Chutney available at our doorstep at no extra cost. Ease of delivery and payment are an added benefit while you shop online at Singh Apple Orchards.Apple Ginger Chutney: The Ingredients RequiredAs the name suggests, Apple Ginger Chutney is a perfect blend of sweetness and spice to accompany your culinary taste buds. Made with ingredients such as handpicked fresh and organic apples, finest quality ginger, and a range of organic spices, this Apple Ginger Chutney goes well with anything, starting with a toast, a cracker, to the very finely prepared meat delicacy. Apple Ginger Chutney does justice to every single item on the menu list. While easy to prepare, the selection in terms of quality of ingredients makes the essential difference in taste. With online platforms like Singh Apple Orchards, you can choose to purchase the best variety of Apple Ginger Chutney made using the finest quality of ingredients such as: Organically grown fresh Red/Green Apples Freshly chopped Ginger Finest quality spices such as Turmeric, Red Chilli, Cloves, Cinnamon among others High-Quality Apricot Oil Apple Cider Vinegar Singh Apple Orchards online provides you the best taste customized according to your taste buds.Apple Ginger Chutney : The Benefits of ConsumptionApple Ginger Chutney makes a great combination for a variety of meals ranging from sandwiches to meat pies. However, this Apple Ginger Chutney is not merely consumed because of its unique conglomeration of taste, which surely tantalizes your taste buds. Apple Ginger Chutney is also preferred for its numerous benefits. Some of the services of Apple Ginger Chutney include: Apple and Ginger's Medicinal Property such as Prevention and healing of inflammation Rich source of antioxidants to boost immunity Increasing metabolism of the body Apple and Ginger's unique ability to burn fat and to reduce obesity Apple and Ginger's contrasting taste makes the concoction equally tasty along with its health benefits Shop at Singh Apple Orchard to tantalize your taste buds with our range of chutneys while working towards attaining a healthy lifestyle. Apple Ginger Jam Mon, 08 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Spice up your Breakfast with the Apple Ginger JamAfter a night-long sound sleep, the body awakens to the rhythm of life with the rising sun. The night has been used by the body to repair, heal, and work on its internal functions. The human body is again ready to take on the fight with the external world once again. However, this fight would only be possible when we break the night long fast and supply the right amount of healthy energy to the body. It is possible only when we eat a healthy breakfast in an adequate quantity. Breakfast, thus, holds the most important place in the entire dietary chart.Some people prefer a light breakfast, while others believe that breakfast should be the day's heaviest meal. Whatever is chosen, one preferred breakfast combination which would never fade out is Bread and Jam. Yes! Some people do have qualms about having this sugary treat of a jam early in the morning. There is the special Apple Ginger Jam to give you just the balanced flavors of sweet and spice very first thing in the morning for them and everyone else.Technology has acted in favor of human beings. We have achieved a lot using this technology. Otherwise, who would have said that technology can even influence our breakfast table? Yes! Sourcing the right variety and right brand of tasty and healthy breakfast has never been so easy before this technology era that gets the market on our screens and just a click away. Ecommerce platforms such as the Singh Apple Orchards are the preferred partners where you can get the finest and the healthiest quality of fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies, chutneys, and a lot more.Apple Ginger Jam: IngredientsAs the name suggests, Apple Ginger Jam is a sweet and spicy jam that goes well with several things on our plate, especially in breakfast. Whether a crispy toast in hand or a light and crisp pancake, the apple ginger jam can create a difference to everything in taste by adding that extra zing. While baking a cake or even an apple pie, a dollop of apple ginger jam as a topping would surely work wonders. Made using the best organic ingredients, apple ginger jam is indeed a star seller on various eCommerce platforms, especially at platforms like Singh Apple Orchards, where apples and gingers are produced organically at the farm.Some of the ingredients used to make this jam include: Apples (choose the fresh and crispy one for finer taste and crispness) Grated Ginger or Ginger Juice (this is the star attraction) Lemon Juice (for enhancing the flavors) Apple Cider VinegarDesi Khand(for enhancing the sweetness)Apple Ginger Jam is good for you!Apples are known and respected for their immense health benefits. But what happens when apples are combined with Ginger? Miracle! Yes! Apple Ginger Jam is indeed a miracle not only in taste but also in its nutritional properties. Some of the benefits of using the wonder element of Ginger include:Ginger is known for its antibacterial properties. Ginger helps in soothing sore muscles. Ginger is good for the throat. Ginger helps in calming nausea. Try the Apple Ginger Jam at Singh Apple Orchard, and you would surely love to order more!!Apple Ginger Jam combines antioxidants of Apples and the health benefits of Ginger for a great treat for health and taste buds. Enjoy the sweetness and spiciness of the jam at Singh Apple Orchards. Lemon Aloe Vera Juice Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Globalization is not a recent phenomenon. A careful study of our past would reveal that globalization had crudely started when people started moving around places. When movement and transportation began, people and things started getting exchanged between various places. While Indian spices went global (though there are certain spices produced in India that have their root in some foreign land due to an exchange of things and ideas a few centuries back), similarly, the French fries became grossly Indian result of this crude globalization. Among all these things exchanged and adopted, few natural wonders gained global prominence (though their origination is in either one country or a particular region). One of such magical natural wonders is Aloe Vera. The Aloe Vera plant is a bright green succulent plant extremely high on nutritional content and works wonders on human health. The plant, though, is found and used all across the globe these days. It has its origin in the North African, South European, and Canary Island region. This region exhibits a tropical climate, and thus the plant grows well in places across the globe that exhibit such a climatic condition. The Aloe Vera plant is known for its varied medicinal usage and therefore finds a special mention in almost all forms of therapeutic sciences, especially Ayurveda. The plant, especially the leaves and leaf extracts, are not only used in medicines, but the same is also used in various products in the cosmetic and health food segment. Aloe Vera Juice (the juice is extracted from the plant's leaves) finds a special mention in the diet of people conscious about their health. The Aloe Vera juice is continuing to gain prominence because of its medicinal and healthy properties and easy availability. However, this juice tastes bland and thus is not preferred on the taste factor as such. Fortifying the Aloe Vera Juice with Lemon not only enhances the taste and freshness of the juice but also enhances the nutrition quotient of the entire juice.Ingredients Some of the ingredients required to prepare the healthy concoction of Lemon Aloe Vera Juice include: Aloe Vera Gel Fresh Lemons Class 2 Preservative less than 0.1% of product weight. Lemon Aloe Vera Juice can be prepared easily. However, given the hectic schedules and stressful lifestyles, convenience is one aspect that all of us seek. Therefore, sourcing the Lemon Aloe Vera Juice from a trusted source such as Himganic would make life easy. You need to place the order at, Packed Lemon Aloe Vera Juice would be delivered to your doorstep. Mix the juice with the required proportions of water and sip it to your health regularly.Health BenefitsBoth Lemon and Aloe Vera are magical wonders of nature. Both these wonders are highly regarded for their medicinal properties. Therefore, the combination of Lemon and Aloe Vera in this magical drink called the Lemon Aloe Vera Juice would surely be expected to give magical results. The juice is recommended for consumption every morning that too on an empty stomach. You should avoid consuming anything right after drinking this Lemon Aloe Vera Juice. The Lemon Aloe Vera Juice helps in: Detoxifying the body and cleaning it from within Cleaning the intestine and thus helping in east, smooth, and healthy bowel movements Hydrating the body adequately Fulfilling the daily requirement of Vitamin C in the body Improving digestion Preventing kidney stones Supporting weight loss Himganic produces Lemon Aloe Vera Juice from organically grown Aloe Vera and Lemons. The Lemon Aloe Vera Juice is packaged following hygienic packaging standards. You get your glassful of health when you sip the Himganic's Lemon Aloe Vera Juice. Plum Chutney Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 If you enjoy the amazing taste of plums, you would also enjoy the lip-smacking flavour of handcrafted plum chutney that is made using freshly picked plums from a farm. Visit us at Singh Apple Orchard and enjoy a day spending time picking fresh and ripe plums. Fill baskets of plums that raw and delectable in taste. You can use freshly picked plums to make delightful chutney that can be enjoyed with a variety of food options. Traditionally, plum chutney is one of the most relished items especially during the Christmas season. While you pick up this fresh fruit and process it to make plum chutney, you can also revisit a lot of childhood memories when your mother, grandmother, and other women in the family used to make plum chutney at home. Everyone contributed to the process and this resulted in a very enjoyable time. Start with Fruit-picking- Start your plum chutney making process with fruit picking. Carry your own baskets, seek help from our farm hands and enquire about ripe fruits. Pick those and keep collecting them until it is full, or you are tired. Indulge in this fun filled activity and enjoy your closeness with nature. Guard and cherish this basket which is now full of ripe and fresh fruit. Every berry that you pick from your hands is treasure in its own right and is sure to taste amazingly delicious. At Singh Apple Orchard, we pick fresh plums and make handcrafted plum chutney without any added preservatives or taste enhancers. Prepare Plum Chutney- Once you have collected plums in your basket, take it home, wash them properly and discard the pits. Plum chutney can be made in several ways and a variety of things can be added to it to make it more tasteful and flavourful. In one of the recipes, you can even add raisins, onions, crush and dried chile, muscovado sugar, mustard seeds, salt, cinnamon stick, vinegar and more. Boil all these ingredients together in a stainless-steel pan and allow it to simmer for an hour. Keep stirring in between to avoid chutney getting stick to the pan bottom. Once ready, allow it to cool. Now add it to sterilized jars and seal it properly. Indian plum chutney is very tangy and spicy in taste. Use a few spices and fresh plums from a farm and prepare tasteful chutney. It is not only delicious but also very easy to make gluten free and vegan chutney. There is no need to add any preservative to it and can be customised as per your taste. When enjoying a lavish lunch or dinner, adding plum chutney to the repertoire of dishes will add more flavour and veritable tastes. Plum, a rich source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fiber, it is good for the digestive system and improvement of the immune system. Add it to your diet in the form of a flavourful chutney. Visit Singh Apple Orchard to pick up fresh and ripe plums and make lip-smacking chutney out of it. Plum Jam Mon, 08 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 A busy Monday morning and a series of hectic meetings lined up for the day and we are thinking of what to have for breakfast on such a busy Monday morning while fighting the Monday morning blues and getting you ready for such a hectic work schedule. Well! We would suggest a crisp hard toast with a generous spread of the rich, tasty, and aromatic Plum Jam. Yes! The perfect in taste plum jam with the bread toast's crispiness would give you the ideal start for the day. The sweetness of the Plum Jam has a uniqueness about itself. While the jam would generally be classified as sweet, a gorging bite on the toast would reveal a platter of taste subtly infused into the preparation of jam. It is because of the rich spices and, of course, the perfect handpicked plums, which are sweet and tart at the same time, thus adding the perfect zing to the sweet Plum Jam.Plum Jam is made using a Wide Variety of PlumsThere are more than 2000 varieties of plums available globally. These varieties of plum are rich not only in taste but also in colour. Yes! If Plums from all across the globe are stored on a platform, it will offer a splendid sight of a rainbow on the ground. From colours ranging from red, pink, purple, amber, green to yellow, blue, and black, a dash of such colourful plums would surely enrich the colour and look of any delicacy. Imagine what the Plum Jam would look like if plums of each variety are selected to prepare such jam. Plums also range in a variety of shapes. While some heart-shaped, others are either round or oval. However, plums are broadly classified under the following six heads: Japanese Plum American Plum Damson Plum Ornamental Plum Wild Plum European or Garden Plum Interestingly, each of these varieties too has various sub-varieties of plum. For example, the American Plum Variety is known to have more than 100 varieties of plums. These varieties of plums are seasonal and are available in the global market from May to October. While the Japanese type of Plums first enters the international market, the European Plum enters the global market during the fall.Plum Jam: Choose the Right Plum for the Perfect TasteThe success of any culinary preparation depends mostly on selecting the right quality and quantity of materials. Therefore, to make that perfectly tasting and looking at Plum Jam, we must know how to choose the perfect plum, the Plum Jam's main ingredient. Plum Jam is a preparation that would require soft, ripe, and ready to eat plums, which would reduce cooking time. To choose the perfectly ripe plums, we advise you to hold the plum and exert gentle pressure on the fruit to know whether the plum is soft and ripe. We also recommend you to check the tip of the plum. It should be slightly faded at the end. In case the plan of preparing the plum jam is at a deferred date, it is advisable to purchase good quality plums with rich colour, which denotes a healthy and ripe fruit. Further, the fruit with a white bloom should be preferred since the white bloom indicates that the fruit has not been over handled. However, we would advise avoiding the purchase of plums with the following features since the taste of Plum Jam might get compromised: Excessively Hard Plums since these fruits are still not matured enough to render the perfect taste and texture, even if the plums are left to ripen at home. Plums which have signs of decay Plums which have punctures Plums which have bruises Prepare the perfect Plum Jam with correctly chosen plums and the right blend of spices and sugar. Savour the jam with a hard toast and sip a cup of hot coffee for an ideal start to your busy day. Plum Squash Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 A hot and sweaty summer afternoon needs the perfect respite. Can anyone suggest what would be the ideal recipe to get the ultimate relaxation on that scorching hot sunny day? What would be the most welcome recipe when you get home drenched in sweat and tired with the stress? What would be the perfect drink for that special guest at home with whom you have that ideal sugar and salt relationship? Yes, the answer to all this would a chilled glass of Plum Squash topped up with a dash of lemon and mint sprig to add to the zing. Ah! Doesn’t it feel refreshing to even think about it?A perfectly chilled glass of Plum Squash is absolutely a heavenly delight, which gives in the utmost pleasure not only on a scorching summer afternoon but even on a cool breezy evening date. The perfect sweet and sour balance in taste tantalizes the taste buds and creates that refreshing aura that makes the day. Yes! Plum Squash suits the mood at any point of the day and can change it positively for sure. But before tasting the chilled glass of your favorite Plum Squash, you should know what you are drinking.What is it made of?Plums are the main ingredient of Plum Squash. Some of the other ingredients of Plum Squash include black pepper, citric acid, sugar, and mint leaves, or anything else which suits your taste buds. Closely related to peaches or cherries, this fruit called Plums is available in various colors and varieties. This fruit is identified with its hard stone pit core surrounding the seed. Grown across the globe, the plums are available in the global market from May to October. The Japanese variety of plum enters the global market in May, and the sales peak by August, during the European type of fruit available in the fall season. A Treat of NutritionPlums, a fruit tasting somewhere between sweet and tart, is a fruit overloaded with nutrition. While being a rich source of Vitamin C, it is also enriched with other essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K, copper, and fiber. Such an enriched element is crushed and squeezed to prepare the pulpy syrup, refined, and fortified with tasty spices to make the perfect concoction called Plum Squash. However, before sipping in the Plum Squash, here is the list of health benefits this perfect glass of Plum Squash would provide you.Some Health BenefitsSome of the significant health benefits of sipping in the glass of Plum Squash include: Plums are high in antioxidant content. At the same time, antioxidants help in building immunity within the human body, phenols in the plums help in preventing damage to cells in the body. Plums help in increasing the absorption of iron in the human body. Thus a glass of plum squash a day can help one treat weakness caused due to anemia too! Plums and Plum Squash are loaded with the goodness of vitamin C. To build up immunity in this Covid like situation, Plum Squash would be a perfect choice. Vitamin C is also helpful in treating the underlying causes of various diseases such as asthma, osteoarthritis, and other such ailments of the human body. The high content of fiber in Plums helps in regulating the blood sugar level in the human body. It also helps in losing excess weight. Isn’t this a tasty way to lose weight? The high content of fiber also helps in reducing the risk of colon cancer. Fibrous plum also helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol while helping the intestine work effectively. Plum Squash indeed scores high on taste, health, and refreshment, and therefore it is a must-try. Sip it now to relish the sweet-tart flavor, enjoy the sweet aroma, and to drink in your health. Zeera Aloe Vera Juice Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Nature is complete in its true sense. Nature has answers to every problem. Nature does not create problems itself unless a trigger happens. Nature has solutions to every problem of a human being. Nature has various wonder ingredients that can cure us, heal us, and rejuvenate us from within. Aloe Vera is one such magical ingredient. This green colored succulent plant originated in North Africa, South Europe, and Canary Island. Gradually this plant transported across boundaries, and since then, the plant has been used for various reasons. Gradually with use, its magic has been revealed with time.While the magical plant of Aloe Vera finds special mention in the case of medicines and beauty products, with time, people have realized that Aloe Vera is also good for consumption as a diet drink. Growing awareness about health and fitness has made people believe that it is important to stay fit within and maintain an external personality. Therefore, experts now advise making the magical potion of Aloe Vera a mandatory part of everyone’s diet.  Interestingly while originality is treasured, the fusion of modernity is a welcome respite too. No! That doesn’t mean that there is a new version of Aloe Vera. It is not a smartphone that would have versions. But we can surely create a fusion of taste to suit our taste buds. Therefore, we try to mix different spices, herbs, and other flavor enhancers to make the bland Aloe Vera juice interesting and healthier. Adding Cumin (Jeera) with Aloe Vera to make Jeera Aloe Vera Juice is one such experiment that has yielded fantastic results not only on the parameter of taste but also on the ground of health.The Magic IngredientsAs the name suggests, Jeera Aloe Vera Juice would literally mean adding powdered Jeera or cumin to the Aloe Vera drink. However, Singh Apple Orchards is your preferred and trusted taste partner. We understand that while health is important, taste is equally important. Therefore, we provide you the tastiest Jeera Aloe Vera Juice prepared using the following ingredients: Organic and Fresh Aloe Vera Extracts Organically Grown and Powdered Jeera or Cumin Traditionally prepared coarse sugar known as Desi Khand (this uses less chemical and thus is naturally sweet and safe) Organic Acids in permissible quantity Natural Food Grade Preservatives in permissible quantity to increase the shelf life of the juice Thus, the wonderful taste of Jeera Aloe Vera Juice can well be assumed. Bland yet flavourful in its way, Aloe Vera is combined with spicy cumin or Jeera, and sweetness is instilled using natural sugars to make Jeera Aloe Vera Juice a heavenly delight.  Loaded Benefits of JeeraAloe Vera has been recognized globally as a magical ingredient. It is known for its immense health and beauty related benefits. But what about Cumin or Jeera? Is it a wonder element of nature too? Well! Yes certainly. Jeera is a wonder spice available and used in every Indian household irrespective of the region or culture. Jeera is used in Indian cuisine for various reasons such as Jeera is a powerhouse of antioxidants Jeera helps controlling blood sugar Jeera helps in lowering cholesterol Jeera helps in fighting bacterial and parasite infections Jeera has a distinct anti-inflammatory effect Jeera also helps in weight loss Jeera is good for digestion and works wonders in constipation or bloating Two magical components, Aloe Vera and Jeera, when combined into one drink Jeera Aloe Vera Juice from Singh Apple Orchards; we have to be sure that the composition would surely have magical effects on our health. Advised to mix around 30 milliliters of the juice in a glass of water, this magical drink is recommended for consumption at least thrice daily for magical effects. 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