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Plum Squash

Plum Squash

A hot and sweaty summer afternoon needs the perfect respite. Can anyone suggest what would be the ideal recipe to get the ultimate relaxation on that scorching hot sunny day? What would be the most welcome recipe when you get home drenched in sweat and tired with the stress? What would be the perfect drink for that special guest at home with whom you have that ideal sugar and salt relationship? Yes, the answer to all this would a chilled glass of Plum Squash topped up with a dash of lemon and mint sprig to add to the zing. Ah! Doesn’t it feel refreshing to even think about it?

A perfectly chilled glass of Plum Squash is absolutely a heavenly delight, which gives in the utmost pleasure not only on a scorching summer afternoon but even on a cool breezy evening date. The perfect sweet and sour balance in taste tantalizes the taste buds and creates that refreshing aura that makes the day. Yes! Plum Squash suits the mood at any point of the day and can change it positively for sure. But before tasting the chilled glass of your favorite Plum Squash, you should know what you are drinking.

What is it made of?
Plums are the main ingredient of Plum Squash. Some of the other ingredients of Plum Squash include black pepper, citric acid, sugar, and mint leaves, or anything else which suits your taste buds. Closely related to peaches or cherries, this fruit called Plums is available in various colors and varieties. This fruit is identified with its hard stone pit core surrounding the seed. Grown across the globe, the plums are available in the global market from May to October. The Japanese variety of plum enters the global market in May, and the sales peak by August, during the European type of fruit available in the fall season.

A Treat of Nutrition
Plums, a fruit tasting somewhere between sweet and tart, is a fruit overloaded with nutrition. While being a rich source of Vitamin C, it is also enriched with other essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K, copper, and fiber. Such an enriched element is crushed and squeezed to prepare the pulpy syrup, refined, and fortified with tasty spices to make the perfect concoction called Plum Squash. However, before sipping in the Plum Squash, here is the list of health benefits this perfect glass of Plum Squash would provide you.

Some Health Benefits
Some of the significant health benefits of sipping in the glass of Plum Squash include:

  • Plums are high in antioxidant content. At the same time, antioxidants help in building immunity within the human body, phenols in the plums help in preventing damage to cells in the body.
  • Plums help in increasing the absorption of iron in the human body. Thus a glass of plum squash a day can help one treat weakness caused due to anemia too!
  • Plums and Plum Squash are loaded with the goodness of vitamin C. To build up immunity in this Covid like situation, Plum Squash would be a perfect choice. Vitamin C is also helpful in treating the underlying causes of various diseases such as asthma, osteoarthritis, and other such ailments of the human body.
  • The high content of fiber in Plums helps in regulating the blood sugar level in the human body. It also helps in losing excess weight. Isn’t this a tasty way to lose weight?
  • The high content of fiber also helps in reducing the risk of colon cancer.
  • Fibrous plum also helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol while helping the intestine work effectively.

Plum Squash indeed scores high on taste, health, and refreshment, and therefore it is a must-try. Sip it now to relish the sweet-tart flavor, enjoy the sweet aroma, and to drink in your health.

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