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Plum Jam

Plum Jam

A busy Monday morning and a series of hectic meetings lined up for the day and we are thinking of what to have for breakfast on such a busy Monday morning while fighting the Monday morning blues and getting you ready for such a hectic work schedule. Well! We would suggest a crisp hard toast with a generous spread of the rich, tasty, and aromatic Plum Jam. Yes! The perfect in taste plum jam with the bread toast's crispiness would give you the ideal start for the day. The sweetness of the Plum Jam has a uniqueness about itself. While the jam would generally be classified as sweet, a gorging bite on the toast would reveal a platter of taste subtly infused into the preparation of jam. It is because of the rich spices and, of course, the perfect handpicked plums, which are sweet and tart at the same time, thus adding the perfect zing to the sweet Plum Jam.

Plum Jam is made using a Wide Variety of Plums
There are more than 2000 varieties of plums available globally. These varieties of plum are rich not only in taste but also in colour. Yes! If Plums from all across the globe are stored on a platform, it will offer a splendid sight of a rainbow on the ground. From colours ranging from red, pink, purple, amber, green to yellow, blue, and black, a dash of such colourful plums would surely enrich the colour and look of any delicacy. Imagine what the Plum Jam would look like if plums of each variety are selected to prepare such jam.

Plums also range in a variety of shapes. While some heart-shaped, others are either round or oval. However, plums are broadly classified under the following six heads:

  • Japanese Plum
  • American Plum
  • Damson Plum
  • Ornamental Plum
  • Wild Plum
  • European or Garden Plum

Interestingly, each of these varieties too has various sub-varieties of plum. For example, the American Plum Variety is known to have more than 100 varieties of plums. These varieties of plums are seasonal and are available in the global market from May to October. While the Japanese type of Plums first enters the international market, the European Plum enters the global market during the fall.
Plum Jam: Choose the Right Plum for the Perfect Taste

The success of any culinary preparation depends mostly on selecting the right quality and quantity of materials. Therefore, to make that perfectly tasting and looking at Plum Jam, we must know how to choose the perfect plum, the Plum Jam's main ingredient.
Plum Jam is a preparation that would require soft, ripe, and ready to eat plums, which would reduce cooking time. To choose the perfectly ripe plums, we advise you to hold the plum and exert gentle pressure on the fruit to know whether the plum is soft and ripe. We also recommend you to check the tip of the plum. It should be slightly faded at the end.

In case the plan of preparing the plum jam is at a deferred date, it is advisable to purchase good quality plums with rich colour, which denotes a healthy and ripe fruit. Further, the fruit with a white bloom should be preferred since the white bloom indicates that the fruit has not been over handled.

However, we would advise avoiding the purchase of plums with the following features since the taste of Plum Jam might get compromised:

  • Excessively Hard Plums since these fruits are still not matured enough to render the perfect taste and texture, even if the plums are left to ripen at home.
  • Plums which have signs of decay
  • Plums which have punctures
  • Plums which have bruises

Prepare the perfect Plum Jam with correctly chosen plums and the right blend of spices and sugar. Savour the jam with a hard toast and sip a cup of hot coffee for an ideal start to your busy day.

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