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Singh Apple Orchards


You can’t pick a fresher, tastier organic apple than one grown in Singh Apple Orchards .
Himalaya’s long, warm summer days, abundant rainfall, rich organic soil, and crisp fall nights produce apples with character, flavor, and crunch. Whether you’re looking for apples for eating, baking a pie, or cooking in a commercial kitchen, we have a variety to suit your needs. We’re ready to welcome you and your family to our orchards for an apple picking adventure.

Now choosing an Organic Apple of your Eye is Easy!
During varying seasons we offer special group tours.it is a great opportunity for your special group to experience our farm in an educational way and also explore “Chanshal Valley” (13000 ft. from sea level) The Heart of the Great Himalaya. We feel it is essential to educate our youth about the importance of farms in our community. After all, “No Farmers = No Food!!” Education made fun is the motivation behind our guided tours.

Tips For Picking
To enjoy picking at Singh Apple Orchards, we suggest you and all members of your group observe the following information:

  • For everyone's safety, do not throw fruit, and do not run through the orchards and picking fields.
  • Do not shake or climb the trees.
  • Walk carefully through the orchards. To many animals the Orchard is home. Watch for their burrow holes. For this reason, pets (with the exception of guide dogs) are prohibited from entering the picking areas.
  • All "pickings" must be weighed and paid for at each designated Picking Booth.
  • Pick only what you want. Do not pick fruits and discard them on the ground. When picking, handle produce carefully. Treat the plants and trees with respect.
  • Pick only in selected areas. Each day we check the fruits for ripeness and suitability for picking. Picking in undesignated areas will affect the quality and shelf life of your fruit.
  • Use only containers provided by our staff, or which you have brought and have had pre-weighed by our Picking Booth staff.
  • Children under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Most importantly...Have fun!

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